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About Us

Local Delicacies


Delicious food comes from delicious ingredients, and our delicious ingredients are fresh and local. We source the best local providers to bring you the best, wholesome products.

A Tradition of Taste

We founded Mary's Wholesome Living on our love of quality food and our passion for all manner of preserving foods.  Be it canning fresh fruit using the hot water bath method, fermenting our garden goods into savory sauerkraut, of cooking up a meal for the family in our pressure cooker, we love cooking.  Now that our children are grown, we want to spread the love by teaching others these time honored methods of preserving the harvest.   Using our experience in our local food communities, we curate a seasonal selection of fresh fruits and vegetables to be used in our tasty creation.

And did I mention that we sell all our hand crafted products?  We understand that not all folks have the time and energy needed to make their own, so we will do it for you - at a very reasonable price.

Mission of Caring

When you shop with us, you are supporting local communities and healthy food webs. 

Interested in learning more about the practices behind your purchases?   Give a call or shoot us an email.  Or if you are REALLY interested, join us at one of our 2 hours hands-on cooking classes.

Our products are free of preservatives, vegan and gluten free. Get in touch! We have answers.